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Security Awareness with Protecting Information

The Next-Generation Security Awareness Newsletter

Now you can provide consistent, quality security and privacy awareness that appeals to your entire organization for less than the cost of a typical laptop. Protecting Information is the next-generation in security and privacy awareness communications based on proven education principles.

Educate Employees on the Latest Threats

Protecting Information is a quarterly security and privacy awareness newsletter that you can easily customize and distribute to your entire organization. But Protecting Information goes well beyond traditional newsletters, providing audio files and interactive exercises to engage your personnel and help them truly understand security and privacy concepts.

Protecting Information is published four times a year and each issue includes:

  • Featured Article - A featured article from security expert Rebecca Herold that addresses both security and privacy topics that not only impact your organization, but also impact your employees outside the workplace.
  • Youth View - A special article written by a teenager discussing security and privacy issues from their point of view, demonstrating to employees how the featured topic applies outside the workplace.
  • Terms You Should Know - A set of information security and privacy terms related to the featured topic.
  • Real-world Cases - Examples of data security or privacy breaches in real companies and what your organization can learn from them.
  • Educational Review - Related educational activities that will engage the reader, reinforce the featured topic, and provide valuable metrics for use in information security and privacy program evaluation.
  • Company View - A placeholder article with a customized message from company executives discussing the featured topic, encouraging employees to engage company personnel in the security and privacy dialog.
  • Podcast - An MP3 audio file of the featured article that addresses audio learning styles and enables your employees to listen whenever they can on their iPod or other MP3 player. Listen to a sample Podcast from Protecting Information.

Bonus Subscription to the Awareness Advisor

Each issue of Protecting Information comes with a free subscription to Awareness Advisor by security, privacy and education expert Rebecca Herold CIPP, CISSP, CISM, CISA, FLMI. The Awareness Advisor provides with practical, time-saving advice for security and privacy practitioners as well as additional awareness activities that will enhance the educational impact of each issue and allow you to create metrics that measure the real effectiveness of your awareness program.

Affordable, Real World Educational Benefits

Protecting Information is a cost-effective way to demonstrate compliance with the many data security and privacy regulations that specifically require security education and awareness.

  • Effectively educate all employees on information security and privacy principles using real-world examples relevant to personnel and their families.
  • Ensure that your message reaches the most people by using a variety of learning styles and formats
  • Enhance existing education and awareness programs by easily integrating your own branding and messages.
  • Establish metrics to verify the effectiveness of your awareness efforts
  • Provide a cost-effective method for ensuring compliance with state, federal and international privacy, data protection and security laws, regulations and standards
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