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Privacy Breach Impact Calculator

How much would a customer privacy breach impact your business? Most businesses are not aware of the many factors that can contribute the financial impact of a data privacy breach. This calculator, based on the expanded one found within the Privacy Management Toolkit by Rebecca Herold, provides an example of the items an organization should consider when estimating the potential business impacts of a data privacy breach. The expanded Privacy Breach Impact Calculator within the toolkit includes an additional 15 items that should be considered.

1. Enter estimated values for your organization in the fields to the right.
2. DO NOT enter values in fields marked with an "*"; these values will be calculated for you.
3. Click "Calculate Cost" to get a total estimated cost.
(Note: These values are not saved or associated with your session in any way.)

Effected Customers
Total number of individuals within the compromised database(s)  
Personnel Costs (all time should be indicated in hours)
Personnel time to determine that a breach has occurred
Discussion time with legal counsel and executives about the situation
Personnel time to determine all the individuals impacted
Personnel time to collect contact information for impacted customers
Personnel time to write and mail letters
Additional Personnel Time (included in full Toolkit)
Total Personnel Hours*
Avg. Cost per Man-Hour (include all HR benefit considerations)$
Total Man-Hour Costs$*
Additional Post-Incident Costs
Cost of positive advertising to protect company brand$
Public and investor relations$
Call centers to take additional calls$
Forensics and criminal investigations$
Cost to Change/Repair System where Breach Occurred$
Total Other Incident Cost$*
Customer Credit Monitoring
Cost per individual for credit monitoring reports$
Number of Years to Monitor  
Total Monitor Cost$*
Potential legal damages
Fines and Fees for applicable Laws$
Percentage of individuals bringing civil suit  
Number bringing civil suit  
Award Per Individual$
Total Legal Fines, Fees and Awards $*
Lost Customer Revenue Impact
Number of lost customers  
Value Per Customer$
Total Lost Customer Value$*
Total Estimated Impact Cost  $*

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